Course: How to build organisational resilience

Your people are your best asset: learn how to help them help themselves

More and more workers are opting to take early retirement or leaving their jobs because of stress, and burn out; their mental health and your organisation cannot afford for this to happen. Learn how to develop and implement a resilience strategy which will save your organisations 1000s of lost working hours.

In this two day course, you will:

  • Develop a resilience strategy for your organisation
  • Learn about resilience tools that get quick results
  • Learn how to use tools to build resilience which build long-term resilience
  • Learn and practice techniques which will ignite the remarkable ability of people to successfully navigate stressful and challenging times
  • Understand which leadership styles work well to build resilience
  • Create an Action Plan to implement your resilience strategy.

How to Build a Resilient Organisation course is:

“Emma’s intervention with the leadership team has been most welcome. We were going through a difficult stage of change and people were flat out and heading for burn out. Emma was able to help us focus on improving our resilience by taking action on what was most important in terms of the jobs we do and the lives we lead”.

Mike Holmes

Director, Planning, Transport & Regulation Services, Bournemouth Borough Council

“Emma has helped a large number of staff in my organisation to recover their confidence and build on their resilience after a very difficult service reorganisation. She very quickly helped staff to come to terms with the painful loss of their previous roles and provided the expert facilitation which has helped the new teams to embrace new opportunities”

Frances Jones

Head of Midwifery, Lewisham and Greenwich NHSTrust

“Emma’s intervention has been a key component of the very real and positive changes which we all have experienced within our service over the past year. We are continuing to grow in earnest and go from strength to strength.”

Dr Abdullah Kraam

Clinical Lead and Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, South West Yorkshire Health Trust

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