Collaborative leadership training

Many leaders now value open, flexible and non-hierarchical structures.

They don’t want to be command and control leaders, missing out on key ideas, solutions and talent, because of antiquated approaches to leadership. Instead, they want to work with their team and others to achieve shared goals

Typically, my Collaborative Leadership course:

  • Enables you to become familiar with connective leadership techniques, and others
  • Includes co-production and connective leadership theory and how to use it
  • Allows you to learn more about your unique style of leading
  • Gives you the techniques to increase your zone of influence
  • Helps you understand how to sustain and enjoy your position as a leader
  • Lets you deal with negativity about your leadership; both from other people and yourself.

Collaborative Leadership courses:


  • Are 3 full days
  • Are ILM 7 endorsed
  • Have a minimum of 8 people and a maximum of 12
  • Are run in-house, for £2,850 for up to 12 people
  • Are offered as invitation only open courses, twice a year, at £675 per person for three days.

“As a result of Emma’s leadership course I developed some good ways to looking into and thinking about the future and how to plan for this. I liked the mindfulness component as well. 

I would recommend Emma as a Leadership trainer because she is very empathetic, wise and knowledgeable”.

Sara Moseley

Director, Mind Cymru

“I enjoyed all of this course. The leadership tools and techniques are very useful, plus the days allowed me to focus on myself and the actions which will help move forward my main leadership issues.

Emma’s delivery is inspiring and her course is structured to maximise participation and to test and practice understanding.”


Carol Ravenscroft

Director of Finance, Drive

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