Create some structure in your day job:

The best advice I’ve seen so far relating to home working is from Vicky Carter, one of my clients to her team in week one of lock-down. She works for an NGO in Fiji and is an outstanding leader:

1. Routine is your best friend – this week, get the basics right first – your sleep, good food, exercise and (where possible) some time outside. Sounds simple – but this foundation is really key, the rest then follows.

2. Don’t expect work to be optimal at first – be kind on yourselves – transition takes some time. Focus on little steps, little gains each day.

3. Take breaks often. Focus on light conversations alongside heavier ones. When you feel overwhelmed, step away – walking can help a lot, even indoors.

4. Don’t worry about not seeming busy enough – everyone knows we are doing our best. Be accountable to each other and that’s the best we can do.

5. Share information wisely – Don’t over-inform (some people retreat with over-information), but also don’t isolate (remember to keep everyone connected, as information asymmetry can be disempowering)

6. Know your emotions may vary unpredictably – understanding this can help us step away from them when we are overwhelmed.

7. Everyone is under a lot of stress – and people react to stress in different ways. Expect unusual behaviour. Forgive people quickly, step away from conflict, where you can, focus on keeping your own minds well.