Join me for a Mindfulness and Yoga Weekend in the Vale of Glamorgan

I have teamed up with Anwen Pegrum, an amazing cook, and Lee, a local yoga teacher to offer a weekend of relaxation, good food, gentle stretching and Mindfulness techniques.

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During the last two years, I have worked closely with nurses and teachers. I have listened to people at the end of their tether – exhausted, frightened, and anxious.

The unending pressure that many of my clients experience continues – some see no end to their stress, and are counting the days down to retirement. Others recognise that by implementing strategies like Mindfulness they are able to relax the body and the mind, finding clarity and peace even in difficult circumstances.

Benefits of Mindfulness for the individual:

    • Increased concentration
    • Improved ability to relax physically and mentally
    • More patient with self and others
    • Increased awareness of your own innate wisdom
    • Cope better with difficult situations
    • Live more fully in the present moment


If you would like to join us – please click here