The world has turned upside down. We are living in ways that would have seemed unimaginable 6 months ago. Locked down in our homes, powerless to do anything but eat, sleep, exercise and work if we can.

The challenge of working and living at home with family, and house mates 24/7 can send us a bit stir crazy.

This is a very tough time for many people. Having someone who is not a work colleague, a family member, to off-load to can be a game changer.

A compassionate and professional coach will help you prioritise and act on the important things in life right now.

FREE on-line coaching 

For any one wishing to try out on-line coaching, either in Welsh or English you may be interested in the following:

Four of my coaching graduates, are looking to expand their skills in on-line coaching. I highly recommend every one of them, you will be in safe hands. They are exceptional listeners and will provide you with a space to reflect, think and take action. 

They have all successfully completed an ILM Coaching Training course and are familiar with the principles of coaching, and can utilise fundamental coaching techniques and skills.

If you are interested – please contact me and I will put you in touch with one of the group.