The biggest head aches for the leaders I work with are often associated with people and NOT strategy.

Many leaders know what to do strategically, but they can’t make a vision a reality because they are bogged down with people problems. It’s also easy to put off your time to work on these issues when you think there are more urgent and more important things to do.

However, time spent reflecting, and discussing your challenges with a trusted group of peers will save you days and even years of avoidable crisis and upset! Action Learning groups give leaders exactly that.

Here are three key pointers to improve your people skills, from the leaders in my current Action Learning group:

1. Assume nothing!

  • NEVER make assumptions about how you think people will behave.
  • Check your understanding, clarify what your team are saying,
  • LISTEN and find out what people are doing

2. Work with people NOT against them:

  • When making difficult decisions, act fairly and with empathy
  • Be assertive and self-assured, but never intimidate or bully
  • Treat even the most challenging person with respect

3. Choose to ACT, sitting back and waiting for the right moment is sometimes not an option

  • Don’t make empty promises
  • Reflection without action can be regarded by your colleagues as navel gazing
  • As far as possible, keep your people in the loop

If you think an Action Learning group would provide that time for reflection and problem-solving that you need, then do get in touch. I can send you further information.