Christmas is the one time of year, when the majority of people have a few days off from work.

So why do some of us refuse to down tools?

Like me, do you see the free days as a way of catching up – like organising emails, writing reports, sorting out finances, downloading resources, writing blogs? 

In the short term getting back on top of things can make you feel better. However, in the long run, this behaviour may lead to burn out. We all need proper time to recharge our batteries and give our minds a rest.

Switching off from work mode isn’t easy, so here are some ideas to help you:

  •  Turn your work email off for 3 days
  •  Sleep more
  •  Put your feet up, literally
  •  Get some fresh air. Take a walk in nature
  •  Meet your friends
  •  Hide your phone for a day
  •  Play with your children – young and old
  •  Listen to your favourite music
  •  Enjoy amazing food
  •  Complete one household task that will improve your everyday life
  •  TURN UP the volume on kind thoughts

This year I am tuning in to the things that do me good, so join me, and take time to care for yourself this holiday time.