Supporting leaders

I help leaders develop and thrive.

I do this by helping them:

  • Drill through the unimportant to the important
  • Solve problems quickly and effectively
  • Get the best from the people they work with
  • Free themselves from the constraints of their limiting beliefs
  • Increase their own and, therefore others’, productivity
  • Get people on board with a vision and shared purpose
  • Know when to let go and when to hold fast
  • Enjoy their role
  • Integrate a fulfilling home and working life.

As every leader is different, I begin with you. I get to understand you, your motivation, your sticking point and your goals. I then propose coaching and facilitation approaches that will help you move on from where you are.

“Emma’s coaching and training is a brilliant balance between challenge and empathy. Her training is exciting. She really helps us to accelerate our learning and self awareness. She is not a pushover and challenges us to ask questions that take our leadership skills to the next level.”

Jenny O Hara

CEO, Powys Carers

“Working with Emma as a leadership coach has changed my life. I get to focus and reflect on all my problems for an hour, and that hour always turns out to be incredibly productive.”

Caroline Phipps

Director, Drug Aid

“I enjoyed the time to consider myself in relation to others, learning about the different styles of Action Learning Sets and the ability to practice not just theorise.”

Cathryn Thomas

Programme and Improvement Lead, Social Services Improvement Agency (SSIA), Welsh Local Government Association

Please call me to discuss your situation, so we can work together in the best way for you.