Leadership coaching

Are you ready to improve your leadership abilities?

Do you want to develop even more?

Or maybe you’re finding that life is tough at the top and just need an objective, confidential sounding board to help you articulate, work through and solve key problems?

Then you might benefit from 1 to 1 Leadership Coaching.

Typically, we have an initial meeting or phone-call to determine why you want 1 to 1 coaching and how it may benefit you. We then set up your first coaching session. It’s that easy.

Leaders I coach instantly feel the benefits of having an experienced, objective caring yet focussed coach help them untangle knotty issues and give them the support they need.


A 1 to 1 Leadership Coaching session:

  • Can be conducted in person at my office or via Teams/Facetime/Zoom/WhatsApp
  • Is highly confidential
  • When the coaching principles are applied I can guarantee great results
“…the thing about Emma’s coaching is that she is so thoughtful and challenging – a powerful combination that enables you to really explore your true values and motivations, and find your own strategies to success.”
Sarah Beard

Business Development Director, Maggie’s Centres

“My sessions with Emma help me to manage the most difficult elements of my role, and I have taken actions which not only benefit me, but also my team, and the carers they work with.”
Jenny O Hara

CEO, Powys Carers

“I’ve found my coaching relationship to be very helpful, supportive and constructively challenging. It has been a space to explore blocks to progress, understand my internal behavioural drivers and clarify processes for leading and managing changes.

Emma also has an excellent understanding of organisational psychology, as well as using various models including solution focussed, psychodynamic and person centred approaches.”

Dr Antebi

Consultant Psychiatrist, Divisional Director for Mental Health and Learning Disabilities, Aneurin Bevan Health Board, and Director of Aneurin Bevan Continuous Improvement

Call me to discuss Leadership Coaching and to set up your first session.