Dr Nick Read, author of Sick and Tired, and a consultant physician and psychotherapist helps people cope with exhaustion. He states: ‘People feel they are failing and they fear that others might see that they might be failing. We are terrified that if we don’t just carry on, we might lose our jobs. People know now that they don’t have a job for life and that if they take time out to recover, somebody else will come along to fill their shoes.’

Undoubtedly, life in Western countries is much better than it was during the early part of the last century – we eat better, we are richer, we are healthier, there are more opportunities –  but then why, has life satisfaction declined so much? Why is depression the commonest illness in the Western world? And why, when most infectious diseases have been conquered and rates of heart attacks and strokes have been reduced, do so many people report that they are feeling ill?’

Stress is a major cause of exhaustion. Many people tell me that they do not have the resources or time or knowledge to do the things expected of them, and to have the life they want for themselves and their families.

So how can you reduce stress?

  1. First things first. What can you control? What can you influence
  2. Write down the TEN things that cause you most stress.
  3. Now cross out what you cannot change, control or influence.
  4. What is left on your list?
  5. Work out what choices you have to reduce the things that are causing you stress.
  6. Start to list some quick wins e.g. actions that are neither onerous or difficult, but will make a difference to your everyday.
  7. Lets go back to the items you crossed out on your list. Have they left your mind? No, probably not. So…..why do you keep coming back to things you know you cannot do anything about?…..This is where you might need help!

Controlling our thoughts is the secret to a happier and more peaceful way of life. You will feel less tired and more energetic, exhaustion will become a thing of the past.

Please contact me if you are interested in finding out more about breaking the cycle of stress.